Mango Tofu Pie Recipe

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with different meals that incorporate tofu. To many, it may sound like an unpleasant food choice, but I actually really enjoy it! Maybe it really depends on how it’s cooked, but my stir fries have turned out deliciously! While I was at the grocery store buying my tofu, I came across something called “dessert tofu,” which I have never seen before. I picked up a package of the peach/mango flavoured version, and brought it home with me.

Once I got home, however, it occurred to me that I didn’t know quite how to prepare it. Was I simply supposed to eat it straight out of the container, like a pudding? Or was I supposed to cook it? The idea of eating raw tofu concerned me a little bit, and the package provided no assistance in that respect.

So, instead of taking any chances with the raw tofu, I decided to create a recipe using it. The result: Mango Tofu Pies. I made a video that teaches you how to make this recipe, which you can see below. If you like what you see, please rate my video and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I really appreciate all the support I can get!

I used muffin cups lined with a graham cracker crust mixture to create the pies, to make them single-serving size rather than making a traditional pie. The pie filling mixture includes egg, lemon juice, the tofu, and just a little bit of sugar for sweetness. I love the fact that it’s lactose-free, and the crust can be made lactose-free as well by using margarine or oil instead of butter. The recipe is also packed full of protein, so it’s quite the healthy dessert. It certainly doesn’t taste healthy though! If you don’t tell people that there is tofu in it, they certainly won’t know! In fact, the texture and taste is sort of resembles a mix of cheesecake and mousse. It’s light and fluffy, but creamy at the same time.

If you’d like to try the tofu pie recipe out for yourself, you can download it here: Mango Tofu Pie Recipe

I have to admit, these tofu pies taste a million times better than how they sound! They also were incredibly easy to make! And since they’re a protein-packed treat, I don’t feel guilty having one, or even two of these for dessert! Delicious!

Until next time,

♥ Shnugglebunny

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