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Here you’ll find information and tutorials from four main categories: baking, beauty, DIY, and travel. These are four things that I am passionate about and I’m eagar to share my information with you!

As a YouTuber, I include a video tutorial with the majority of my posts. All of my baking posts include a downloadable recipe and plenty of helpful tips! Be sure to check out my recipe archive for a list of all the recipes I’ve ever posted!

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Recent Posts:

Bailey’s Irish Cream Frosting - If you want to jazz up your cupcakes with the taste of Bailey’s Irish Cream, this sweet Bailey’s buttercream frosting is the perfect trick! You can find the recipe for Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting in my Bailey’s Irish Cream Cupcakes … Continue reading
Checkerboard Cookies - If you want to make cookies that’ll impress your friends and family, this recipe for checkerboard cookies is the perfect choice! Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of chess or checkers, these cookies are simply awesome! Although they … Continue reading
Pancake Recipe - It’s Pancake Tuesday! Known by some as Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, today is a day that people feast on delicious food. And what’s a more delicious breakfast food than pancakes? I’m about to share with you my … Continue reading
Mini Gingerbread Houses - A surefire way to get into the holiday spirit is to make a gingerbread house! It’s always fun to buy those kits from the store and build and decorate a gingerbread house with your friends or family. However, with those … Continue reading
Double Chocolate Christmas Cookies - I am a chocoholic and I’m not afraid to admit it. During the Christmas season, however, my chocolate quota is never fully met as my dessert plates are filled with sugar cookies, gingerbread, and cheesecakes. There always seems to be … Continue reading
Royal Icing Recipe - In the world of baking, you’ll commonly come across all sorts of icings for use in decorating. You may be familiar with buttercream frosting, fondant, and even ganache, but what exactly is royal icing, and what makes it so special? … Continue reading
BornPrettyStore Review: Hex Glitter - Pretty much everyone has used glitter at some point in their lives, typically during childhood for use in art projects. Usually this involved spreading glue all across the page, and dumping sparkles on top to add a bit of shine … Continue reading
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies - It’s that time of year again – the time where you’ll be seeing tons of orange, red, and yellow everywhere. The leaves are changing colour and the stores are filled with Halloween decorations and Halloween candy. My favourite part of … Continue reading

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