BornPrettyStore Review – Neon Nail Studs

After trying out the black nail decals from, I decided to test out another product from the website. This time, I tried out neon nail studs, which are available in 12 different colours. I was sent #9, which is a neon green, and #10, which is a bright purple. Read on for more of my BornPrettyStore review!

The studs come in a pack of about 200, and are sold at a regular price of $4.99 on the BornPrettyStore website. This is a pretty great value for the price, because there are so many studs in each pack. For a discount, however, you can use the coupon code SHGW10 to get 10% off your order from the entire site.

To apply the nail studs, I used a thick coat of topcoat. I picked up the studs individually using a tweezer, and positioned them on my nail using the topcoat as glue. On my fingers, I applied the studs in a horizontal line, experimenting with different base colours. I found that the purple looked better on a light nail polish, such as white, whereas the green looked better on bright and dark colours. The neon green was a little light on white nail polish, however.

I also experimented with a few flower designs on my thumbnails. On my left hand I made a flower with 5 petals, using the green for the centre and the purple for the petals. On my right hand I made a flower with 6 petals, this time reversing the colours. I personally prefer the flower with 5 petals, because it’s a bit more spaced out. I also think the colours look bright and bold on both my pink and blue nail polish.

With these studs, it’s really important to apply a thick topcoat on top of the studs after they are set in place. Since they are three-dimensional, they can easily get caught on things and chip right off. I had a few come off my nails after getting caught in my hair, and while digging through my closet. I applied one coat of topcoat directly on top of the studs to seal them in place, and then another coat over my entire nail to smooth out the design. This helped protect the studs and kept them on my nails for several days.

Overall, I really loved these nail studs, and found them much easier to use than I expected. I’m looking forward to trying out all sorts of new designs with them!  Once again, remember to use my coupon code SHGW10 to get 10% off your order from!

I hope you enjoyed this post about my BornPrettyStore review. Be sure to check out my video review of these nail studs on YouTube as well! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment!

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