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I recently was contacted by a lovely lady by the name of Cynthia from the website BornPrettyStore to try out and review one of their nail products. If you’d like to order anything from their site, you can use the following site-wide coupon code at checkout to get 10% off your order: SHGW10.

BornPrettyStore is an online retailer of all sorts of unique products, with a focus on beauty products such as makeup and nail art products. They have an incredible selection, with almost any product you could think of! The best part, in my opinion, is that shipping is fast and free! The shipping cost is typically the biggest deterrent for me when shopping online, so the free shipping is a huge benefit and definitely a factor that will make me return to the site in the future. As I already mentioned, the shipping is also fast; it arrived in my mailbox in under 2 weeks, which was faster than shipping time that was predicted for me.

Black Nail Stickers from BornPrettyStore.comI selected the set of black nail decal stickers, shown above, which can be found at the following link on the website: black nail decals from BornPrettyStore. The set contains 12 different mini-sets of nail stickers, with plenty of stickers in each set. Take a look at the close ups below.

Nail Stickers Sheet 1Nail Stickers Sheet 2Aren’t the stickers adorable? I love all of the detail in them, as well as the little shiny silver accents that are on some of the stickers. There’s also a huge variety to choose from, so if you like to dress up your nails based on the season or certain events, you certainly have options!

To apply the stickers to your nails, apply your base color of nail polish first, and when it is dry, simply peel the stickers off the sheet and place them on your nail. You have to be careful when peeling the stickers, because they are quite delicate and fragile and can break if you’re not cautious. Once the stickers are on, apply two coats of top coat over top to ensure that the stickers are sealed in place and protected.

Nails with Black DecalsI tested out a few different stickers to get a nice variety of designs on my nails. The black flowers were the most delicate and prone to breakage, whereas the butterflies were much more durable and came out perfectly.

I think the decals look beautiful and bold on my light blue nails, but I also tried them on a darker purple accent nail to see how well they would show up. Because the stickers are black, they are a little difficult to see on darker nails, though on medium colours like the purple I used, they still look great. I think they look the best on light coloured nail polishes though. BornPrettyStore also offers a similar set of stickers in a gold colour, which would be a better choice if you prefer to wear dark polish on your nails.

In terms of the durability of these decals, they lasted on my nails quite a long time despite the fact that I only applied a single coat of top coat. They even lasted through an evening of swimming and a few days of washing dishes. I actually had to peel them off to remove them from my nails.

Overall, I think that these nail decals are absolutely wonderful and are a great product overall. I have a lot of stickers left over in my set and I’m going to be decorating my nails with these for quite some time! Remember to use my coupon code SHGW10 to get 10% off your order from!

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