BornPrettyStore Review: Hex Glitter

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Pretty much everyone has used glitter at some point in their lives, typically during childhood for use in art projects. Usually this involved spreading glue all across the page, and dumping sparkles on top to add a bit of shine to the picture. You typically had very little control over the glitter, and some areas had more glitter than others. For this reason, when I first heard of something called “Hex Glitter” being used for manicures, I never really thought it would result in anything out of the ordinary. How could it really be much different from regular glitter nail polish (which takes layers and layers of application to get a nice result, and is a huge pain to remove)?

Oh, how I couldn’t be more wrong. After a bit of browsing on the Internet to see what other people have done with hex glitter, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I ordered the 12-pack of assorted hex glitter containers from BornPrettyStore, and practically tore open the package when it finally arrived.

Hex Glitter 12 JarsThe product is wonderful. Each colour comes in its own container, and there are so many different colours so you can create essentially any look you’d like. You can see this from the picture, but I’ll list the colours I received here as well. The set includes: white, silver, yellow, orange, red, pink, light purple, light green, yellow-green, dark green, dark blue, and aqua blue. The containers are small enough to store, but each one has enough glitter to last years! The glitter can be a little bit charged with static electricity, so sometimes a few pieces will come out of the containers when you open them. This isn’t a huge deal though.

I decided to do a manicure with two accent nails to test out the hex glitter. I used a light purple nail polish (Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Lively Lilac) as my base colour, and I used the light purple and dark blue glitter on two separate nails. Rather than sprinkling the glitter on to my nails randomly, I used the popular “individual glitter placement” method, where each piece of glitter is applied to your nails one at a time. To apply the glitter, I brushed clear nail polish on a small area of my nail to make it adhesive. I applied the glitter pieces one at a time using an artist’s stylus (dotting tool). I dipped the tool in clear nail polish so the glitter pieces would get picked up more easily, then pressed them into place on the wet polish. I started at the tip of my nail and worked downwards to the base, one row at a time.

Hex Glitter ManicureAlthough this took quite awhile to do (about 10 minutes per nail), I absolutely love the finished look. I think the purple glitter especially looks nice on the matching nail. The colours are similar enough that any mistakes go unnoticed, but different enough that the glitter stands out and resembles a disco ball. Personally I didn’t like the look of the dark blue sparkles on the purple nail background, but I think they will look great on a darker background colour, such as black.

Next time I try this look, I’m going to align the glitter in more of an interlocking honeycomb pattern. I think it will look more professional and neat. I can’t wait to experiment with this product again. I’ve got a vision of candy-cane themed nails using the red and white glitter for the Christmas season…

Bornprettystore coupon codeOverall, I absolutely loved the glitter and have virtually no complaints about it. The only issue I encountered is that some of the glitter pieces are stuck together or are slightly chipped. Since there’s so much glitter in each container, this really is not significant enough to worry about, but just be on the lookout for those pieces while applying the glitter to your nails to avoid messing up the look of your manicure. If you are looking to order this, or any other product from BornPrettyStore, you can use the coupon code SHGW10 to get 10% off your entire order!

I hope you enjoyed my BornPrettyStore review, and I’ll see you again soon!

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