Product Review: The Spifter

I recently was sent another product for review. It’s called the Spifter, and it is a miniature sifting tool that is designed for precision application of your ingredients. When I received the Spifter, I thought the packaging was very simple but elegant, as seen below.

The unique feature of the Spifter is that the sifting bowls are interchangeable. There are three different sizes of the mesh grain within the sifting bowls, so you can switch them up according to what sort of spice you will be using. I think the best thing about this feature is the fact that it enables you to use up to three different ingredients without having to stop to wash out your sifter in between uses. This prevents cross contamination of your ingredients and makes the entire process more efficient.

The bowls gently snap into the handle portion of the tool and are easy to change and easy to clean. The rim where the bowls snap into has a small piece on it called the “tapping edge,” which is designed to help dispense your ingredients through the sifter. If you handle the tool gently, the ingredients will not fall out of the spifting bowl until you tap on the tapping edge, which allows you to get a more precise application and avoids messes.

I tested out The Spifter on some pancakes. I used icing sugar in the medium grain mesh bowl and cinnamon in the fine grain bowl. Both worked out wonderfully and really gave my pancakes the finishing touch they needed!

Pancake with Cinnamon

I think the Spifter will be really useful for Christmas baking, where I tend to use a lot of coloured sugar sprinkles. Normally I simply use my fingers to apply the sprinkles, but this tends to be a bit messy and the sprinkles either go on the cookies unevenly or they get all over my pan. I think the Spifter will help solve this problem and will place the sprinkles exactly where I need them, in an even application. Since Christmas is still quite a way’s away, I’ll be testing it out on cupcakes next time I bake!

Take a look at the video I made on my YouTube Channel demonstrating the Spifter and reviewing the product. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe!

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Spifter, and think it’s a really innovative and useful product.

If you like what you see, be sure to visit for more information! I know I’ll definitely be using the product again next time I bake!

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