Valentine’s Day Cookies – Jam-Filled Hearts

What do you get when you combine butter cookies, jam, and cute heart shapes? These adorable (and incredibly delicious) Valentine’s Day cookies!

These cookies taste AMAZING! I’m not just saying that either. To be honest, when I found this recipe on, I thought that the cookies would look really cute but wouldn’t quite be my cup of tea, because of the jam. I’m typically not a big fan of fruit-flavored cookies. I stand to be corrected though, because I just can’t stop eating them! I’m definitely going to make these again as soon as I get the chance!

What I particularly like about these cookies is that after you assemble them into little heart sandwiches, the jam begins to soak into the cookies. Especially if they are stored in an airtight container, the cookies begin to get a little softer and more moist (without becoming mushy or soggy). Since I much prefer soft cookies to crunchy ones, this made me love the recipe even more!

I experimented a little bit by adding shredded coconut to a few of the cookies after they were finished. I much preferred the look and taste of the cookies without it, though. In the future, I would consider melting white chocolate and drizzling it in a zigzag pattern across the cookies, however.

Since I’m in the Valentine’s Day spirit and feel like spreading the love, I am sharing this recipe with you here: Valentine’s Day Jam-Filled Heart Cookies. Feel free to print it off and stick it in your recipe book. I guarantee it’ll become a Valentine’s Day favorite of yours for the future!

As I often do, I made a video tutorial on how to bake these Valentine’s Day cookies, which you can watch below. Be sure to rate my video once you’ve watched it!


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Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you can share these cookies with your special someone. And if you don’t have a special someone, just share them with yourself, you won’t regret it 😉

If you need any more baking inspiration for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just date night in general, consider taking a look at my other recipes for Conversation Heart Cookies, Valentine’s Day Blossom Cookies, and for Chocolate Sandwich Heart Cookies.

♥  Shnugglebunny

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Cookies – Jam-Filled Hearts”

  • Wow! What a great idea! I never tuhoght of making homemade Oreos–very clever! And it’s currently -3 F in MN, so I am pretty sure I could use the outside as a freezer..brr!

    • I hope the cookies work out for you! Check out the chocolate ones as well, you’ll enjoy them! And using the natural cold as a freezer is clever too! 😀

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