Christmas Treats: Pinwheel Cookies

Yes, they do taste as good as they look! Leave a plate of these out for Santa and they’ll all be gone by morning 😉

Aren’t these holiday-themed cookies adorable? Their vibrant colors are sure to brighten up any dessert plate. While the swirly design of these cookies makes them appear difficult to make, in reality they are quite simple. The hardest part of this recipe is actually waiting for the dough to refrigerate in between steps! This is a great treat to bake with your children, because they’ll have fun coloring the dough, and then rolling it into pinwheels. Your kids will also enjoy the taste of these delicious butter cookies (as long as you don’t eat them all first!)

This video from my YouTube Channel tells you the recipe and demonstrates all the steps involved to make these Christmas Pinwheel cookies.

You can also download a copy of the recipe here: Christmas Pinwheel Cookies. This is a printer-friendly version so you can print it right away, and include it in your recipe book afterwards.

These cookies are ready to go into the oven! Don’t they look delicious?

Tip: If you want pinwheels that spiral more times (like the red ones above), roll your dough into a log by starting from the shorter side. If you roll your dough into a log starting from the longer side, your cookies will spiral fewer times (like the green ones above), but you will get more individual cookies out of the cookie log.

These cookies will brighten up any dessert tray or gift box! Their colours are very festive!

How did your cookies turn out? Did you try any cool variations on the original recipe? I’d love to hear about them, so please leave me a comment below! Also, if you like my baking videos, please subscribe to Shnugglebunny on YouTube, I really appreciate the support! It motivates me to continue making more videos!

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Happy baking, and have a wonderful holiday season! Enjoy all the delicious Christmas treats this season has to offer! 🙂

♥ Shnugglebunny

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