Valentine’s Day Cookies – “Conversation Hearts”

Do you remember those little pastel-coloured candies that you would get for Valentine’s Day as a kid? Well, these cookies were inspired by those candies, only they taste a hundred times better (if not even better than that, because those candies tasted like chalk!).

I used the same recipe as I used for my Jam-Filled Valentine’s Day Cookies, which I found at  Rather than covering these cookies with jam, however, I made a thin glaze using icing sugar and milk. This recipe I found was perfect for these cookies, since the cookies held their shape in the oven and didn’t expand like some sugar cookies do. They also were not too hard or crispy, they were the perfect texture and consistency! I created a nice printable copy of the recipe, which you can download for yourself here: Valentine’s Conversation Heart Cookies

After baking the cookies, I made a colorful glaze to spread over top of them to resemble the bright colors of the candies. I used green, yellow, and blue food coloring to tint my icing. Once it dries, the glaze gives these cookies a nice sheen and an extra sweet taste!

After the glaze dried, I made a thicker icing that I tinted bright red, and put it in a sandwich bag that I turned into a makeshift piping tool. Then I wrote cute messages on the cookies, similar to the ones you would see on the conversation heart candies, and combined with a  few creative choices of my own 🙂 Check out my cookies if you need any inspiration for what to write on your cookies!

Conversation Hearts! Aren’t they adorable?

These cookies were really popular with my friends. I took them to a friend’s house and everyone was asking me to bring more. One of my friends even came over to help me bake a second batch of these just before Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, no matter who your valentine is, they will absolutely love these cookies!

I also created a YouTube tutorial video on how to make these lovely cookies. Not only do they look cute, but they taste great too! I am always looking for new subscribers, so go ahead and spread the love by subscribing to my YouTube Channel! Check out my video below:


If you’d like some more Valentine’s Day baking ideas, be sure to check out my recipe on how to make Jam-Filled Valentine’s Day Heart Cookies. They are amazingly delicious, and incredibly addicting! The Chocolate Heart Sandwich Cookies and Valentine’s Day Blossom Cookies are a pretty big hit as well!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! See you soon with another tasty Valentine’s Day treat!

xoxo, Shnugglebunny

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  • / These are so bieutaful, Suzanne! Mine are rather, well, messy. I don’t have much patience for drawing with a squishy bag full of icing. But yours are gorgeous. And I’m with Joseph. I’m very glad you’re Suzanne and not Martha!

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