Tracking My Fitness Progress: Week 2

So Week 1 didn’t go quite as well as planned, but Week 2 has definitely been an improvement! I’m proud of myself so far and am excited to push myself harder next week! (Confused? At the beginning of January I published a blog post as well as a YouTube Video about my New Year’s Resolution for the year, which is to become more physically fit. Now I’m tracking my progress every week on my blog, and will update this page every Monday!)  If you missed my progress for Week 1, you can see it here.

January 9th

This week is looking good! I did 25 crunches and 20 squats, then some leg lifts and stretches. I stretched out my back and shoulders by doing a half-bridge, cat stretch, and shoulder rolls both backwards and forwards. Then I did 15 kneeling push-ups, followed by about 10 minutes of arm exercises (bicep curls, lifting the weight in front of me, and lifting the weight up and down to the side. Note to self – I need to learn the names of these exercises!). I did about 10 minutes of cardio by dancing around doing a random aerobic routine. I also found my old hula hoop and hooped for about 10 minutes, which I’m planning on working more intensely into my cardio routine later in the week.

January 10th

Major headache today! It was far too painful to exercise 🙁

January 11th

I did 30 crunches and 20 squats. Nothing major, but I’ve increased the number of crunches I can do!

January 12th

I pushed myself to 35 crunches today, and two sets of 20 squats. I also did all the arm exercises again.

January 13th-15th

I continued doing my daily sets of squats and crunches. I’m working my way up to increasing the number I can do per day!

Note: I had a bit of a hiatus with keeping track of my fitness progress in this blog. I promise more updates will be coming soon for the month of February onwards 🙂

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