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Macaron Tips: Do’s and Don’ts of Baking Macarons

After countless hours of reading written guides and watching video tutorials about baking macarons, I had both successful and unsuccessful attempts when I baked macarons. I learned a lot from these experiences, so I decided to compile my knowledge into … Continue reading

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My Macaron Fail!

About a month ago, I decided to try baking macarons. These treats are different than macaroons with coconut and chocolate, like my Reindeer Nose Macaroons or my Easter Bird Nest Macaroons. These are French macarons, which are made from almond … Continue reading

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Lekue Macaron Kit Review

For quite some time now I’ve been anxious to try baking macarons. I heard many warnings about their difficulty, but when I found out that there are pans and kits that make the process easier, I was determined to take … Continue reading

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Product Review: The Spifter

I recently was sent another product for review. It’s called the Spifter, and it is a miniature sifting tool that is designed for precision application of your ingredients. When I received the Spifter, I thought the packaging was very simple … Continue reading

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Product Review: Klipy Cake Divider

I recently had the opportunity to test out an interesting product called the Klipy Cake Divider, which can be found at The product is a small device that acts as a guide to slice any round cake into equal … Continue reading

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Butter Tarts with No Corn Syrup!

I normally am a huge fan of anything chocolate, but another surefire way to get my tastebuds tingling is to serve me a plate of butter tarts! Butter tarts are traditionally a Canadian treat (I honestly didn’t know this until … Continue reading

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Bailey’s Irish Cream Cupcakes

Nothing beats the smooth and sweet taste of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Nothing except these Bailey’s Irish Cream CUPCAKES! Doesn’t that cupcake just look melt-in-your mouth delicious? I actually wanted to try out this cupcake idea last summer, but with so … Continue reading

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Easter Treat: Chocolate Bird Nests

When I think of the Easter season, one of the first things that comes to mind are pretty, pastel coloured Easter eggs. With my Polish background, it’s tradition for my family to colour Easter eggs on Good Friday, and then … Continue reading

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