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  1. Jane says:


    Thank you for offering a great variety of recipes on YouTube. They are very informative and totally Awesome. I should also add tasty.

    It looks to me like you also like to serve your yummy creations on unique tableware, which brings me to this email.

    I am hoping that you might be able to incorporate some modern classy disposable tableware into one of your amazing videos.

    Perhaps, you could use a cool Seagreen Alato Tasting Dish or a Black Amuse Bouche Plate to serve one of your delicious recipes.

    See, you could talk about the magic of using disposable tableware.

    Or, you could tell your audience how sweet it is to use bio-degradable products when it comes to tableware.

    Maybe, you could even mention how tableware has a whole lot to do with the sex appeal of food. We all know everyone loves to eat sexy food.

    My desire is that I could send you and your team some samples of high quality classy disposable tableware so you could check it out and hopefully, use a few products in one of your upcoming food videos.

    Jack Daniels did it, I know Jack personally, and he’s a good man.

    Go ahead, Check out my Fashion for Food:

    Thank You for your time. Can I please get an email in regard to this sensational idea of using excellent tableware in a video?

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